• Christopher Plummer presents a donation to Theatre Museum Canada's Founding Chairman, Herbert Whittaker.

  • The cheque was Mr. Plummer's $15,000 cash prize for winning the Governor General's Award for Contribution to the Arts, November 15, 2001.

  • We are honoured that Mr. Plummer trusted us with this gift.


Your donation preserves and celebrates Canada's rich theatre heritage.

The work of Theatre Museum Canada is made possible by individuals, foundations and corporations who believe that Canada has a theatre heritage worth preserving and celebrating.

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Ways to give

A Secure Online Donation (one-time or monthly) from you ensures the ongoing success of our Legend Library, helps meet the urgent needs to care for the growing collection, and create exhibits and educational programming.

If you prefer to send your donation in the mail, you can simply download this form. Or call us at 416-413-7847.


A Charitable Gift In Your Will is one way you may consider supporting the museum and its future.

Has theatre played an important role in your life? A charitable gift in your Will would share your love of theatre with future generations - and make it possible for Canada to preserve and celebrate its theatre heritage.

For more information, please talk to your lawyer. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to know about your gift, or if you have any questions.


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Birthday, Anniversary and Other Tribute Gifts

Many of our supporters, their friends and their family like to share their passion for theatre, and use birthdays and anniversaries as an opportunity to make a special one-time donation to Theatre Museum Canada.

Memorial Gifts

You can also make a special charitable gift in honour of a loved one who has died and who was passionate about theatre in Canada.

Donations to the Collection

Donated artefacts are the core of our collection. Please contact us if you own theatrical artifacts that you might consider donating to Theatre Museum Canada.

The process of having artifacts added to our collection is guided by the Acquisitions Committee. For a guideline on the type of artifacts that meet our mandate, as well as the policy surrounding acquisitions, please read our Acquisitions Policy (PDF).


If you are interested in joining our volunteer programme, please contact us at Our volunteers contribute anywhere from several hours each week, to a few hours each year.


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